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i n t i m a c y   u n g u a r d e d

‘Intimacy’ Hostel Experience Group Members

Victoria Rick
Anna Pickles Harvey
Charles Verni
Moea Creugnet
Amber Stefanie
Joao Sobral
Gabriella Floyd

The Rules

-Eight members of the group from cross-pathways spent two days and two nights in a London hostel – Please note: As group members were from different pathways within the university, only a few knew each other socially before. Most had never spoken to the others before
-The entire experience was filmed using seven laptop webcams
-The group members spent the entire time together, unless showering or using the toilet
-Mobile phones (except for emergencies) were banned
-Internet access was banned on laptops
-Smart phones were allowed for photographs only but internet access had to be switched off
-Music played on speakers was allowed. Headphones were not
-All group members must sleep in the same dorm room
-The group was split into meal time cooking teams
-Outside excursions were allowed with a time limit of one, to one and a half hours.
-When using public areas within the hostel, group members were not allowed to interact with residents
-When outside of the hostel group members were not allowed to interact with the general public
-When purchasing items from stores, group members were not allowed to make small talk with sales staff
-Art materials – sketch books and pens were allowed
-Overalls with each group members university ID number written on the back had to be worn at all times except when sleeping
-All group decisions regarding the event, rules and installation to follow were made democratically by voting

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