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Why collage? Difficult question! I like to think automatism and accident plays a substantial role in the creation of my work, often experiencing a sense of conscious disconnect as I piece together imagery and shapes until it seems complete.. a bit of escapism and art therapy I guess.


My work is greatly influenced by Surrealism. Not so much the visual aesthetics (although I like it a lot), rather the thought processes and exercises used to ‘break into’ the creative subconscious mind. I source materials from my ever-growing collections of books, postcards and found photography, often getting drawn in to the antiquity and story behind the image which I use as inspiration for new investigative work usually exploring memory and history. I think of my practice in two main sections; investigating the elapsed lives within the history of the source and the creation of a new narrative within this via collage, photomontage and painting.

I hope you enjoy my recent works below!

Please contact me or visit my Etsy page if you are interested in purchasing any prints, originals or commissions.

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Scan 5
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